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The following are testimonials that some of our patient felt compelled to share with us and YOU – the one currently battling severe low back pain.


“Time for Change”
It all started September 20, 2000. As a Mechanic for 26 years everything was good. Then it happened one day at work - low back pain.  Over the next 5 years I went through injections, physical therapy, and even surgery.  Some of this helped, most did not.

In October of 2005 the pain became unbearable so I went back to the doctor after 3 months of begging for authorization for an MRI.  I was told I had another herniated disc and he recommended epidural injections; the date was November 23, 2005.

By the end of January, I was getting tired of begging for authorization for injections, the pain, and taking large amounts of narcotics.  This is when I started looking for help from another source. I found a website labeled stop back pain.  I feel this was when my life started anew.

Thanks to Dr. Porterfield and Dr. Don I was offered hope.

I have always been skeptical of chiropractic and the idea of being twisted and manipulated.  This is not what they offered.  As of this date, April 7, 2006, I am pleased to say it seems like a miracle that the pain is 85% reduced. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not totally gone, but it is so much improved that I feel like I have been given a new life without surgery, needles, or anything that would cause more pain.

I would recommend this protocol with the DRX 9000 to everyone and I have.  Thank you Dr. Porterfield and Dr. Don for turning my life around. And by the way, I just received a call from my surgeon’s office letting me know that the injections have been approved after only 4 months.  Thank God I didn’t wait for them.
Mike Erdmier - Yucaipa, CA
Multiple Herniated Disc & Post-Surgical

“I Cannot Believe…”

I am so thankful I chose your treatment; I cannot believe how much better I feel.  I was in chronic pain, could not do anything, lived on painkillers and still had pain.  I couldn’t get out of bed, had to roll out of bed.  I am so fortunate to have used the machine.  I can see such a difference, I can’t believe it, some soreness, but not like chronic pain like before.  I still have arthritis in the side of my upper arm and neck, but my lower back is so much better.  I wish everyone who suffers would try this instead of surgery.  I am glad I chose this treatment.

Thank you Dr. Porterfield & Dr. Don.  I can’t believe I can touch my toes without pain.  Love it!!!
Brenda Decker – Care Taker
San Bernardino, CA


“I Can Now Exercise, Line Dance And
I’m Almost 80 Years Old”

SCIATIC!  Being a nurse, I’ve seen this before. My pain was terrible.  Long story short, my back was so bad, I was had bed rest for 2 months.  I used a walker to go to the bathroom…  I was on strong medication.  After an MRI, which showed degeneration, I was sent to pain management.  There I received 3 epidurals that provided no relief.  I even went to an orthopedic doctor, a specialist in San Diego, who takes care of the NFL San Diego Charger.  I then went back to the pain clinic and had disc injections, no significant change.

I am happy to say that I am now finally a lot better.  I started a program at the Decompression Center with Dr. Porterfield in August 2006.  I still have some limitations.  Like shopping all day, the way women like to. I get antsy, I don’t like to sit for a long time. But, I can now exercise, line dance and I’m almost 80 years old.  My biggest improvement that I simply feel so much better.  I now very seldom use medication and only when I over do it.  I am stronger and I have confidence with my back that I did not have before.

I have to say that the DRX9000 and the Decompression Center have been very helpful.  If someone is having challenges, don’t wait, try it.  I loved how positive, friendly, and kind this office has been.  Thank you Dr. Porterfield and Dr. Don.
Lorraine “Rusty” Ozanne
Retired Nurse

“I had exhausted nearly every possible option…”

TestimonialsI began my world of pain at 35 years of age.  Stress, anxiety and pain is one word.  I was dealing with degenerative arthritis, Fibromyalgia and spinal stenosis.  I had exhausted nearly every possible option available trying to find answers.  I had one neurologist tell me if I didn’t have surgery I would end up in a wheelchair and another neurologist tell me if I did have surgery I would end up in a wheelchair.  I also knew that surgeries were not always successful.  After seeing an advertisement, my husband insisted I see Dr. Don and Dr. Porterfield, to see if I was a candidate.  I was skeptical and desperate, but I knew I had nothing to lose.  There has always been a ray of hope, because of prayer and faith in My Heavenly Father.  I thought if they can relieve any of my pain it would be the answer to a prayer.  At 80 years old and my health issues, I didn’t know what to expect.  The first procedure I had with the DRX 9000 I had some relief.  My pain was reduced and I started to improve.  I began to make plans to follow up with water exercises to strengthen the muscles in my back to be aware of proper body mechanics and to protect my back.  The doctors were knowledgeable, dedicated, and conscientious and have compassion.  They take time to explain your health issues, protocol and answer all your questions. 

This procedure has opened a new world of hope, healthier and happier existence.  I am grateful and blessed.
Peggy Robison – Retired Teacher
Yucca Valley, CA

“Feeling Good With Better Posture”

When I came to the Decompression Center, I was suffering from a herniated disc at L5 better known as sciatic nerve pain.  I had pain in my back that radiated down my right leg.  When I went shopping with my wife, I could only stand for five minutes and then I would have to sit down.  I couldn’t mow my yard without stopping several times.  I had this condition for about 15 years.  I tried getting epidural shots in my spine, but they only lasted for a few months.  I read about the DRX9000 in the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, my local newspaper, I called the 800 number and made an appointment.  I was skeptical at first, but I decided to give it a try.  After a very short time my back started to feel better.  The treatments were painless, and the doctors and staff were friendly and caring.  I feel good and I have noticed that my posture has shown a definite improvement.  I would definitely recommend Dr. Porterfield and Dr. Don and the DRX9000 to anyone suffering from constant back pain.
Rodger Dannelley
Ontario, CA
Herniated Disc

My main injuries are two disc herniations.  Decompression is a lot less painful and more effective [than things I’ve tried in the past].  I started noticing  results within the first week.  It has been a gradual process.  The staff here are great! Good people.  I really do thank them.
Arturo Hernandez – Upland, CA
Multiple Disc Herniations

“Life Without Back Pain Is Great”

TestimonialsBefore coming to the Decompression Center, I was in constant pain, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t work and couldn’t even play with my children. 
I scheduled an appointment and was diagnosed with herniated discs.  Dr. Porterfield showed me exactly what was wrong and why I was in pain all the time. 
I started treatment, and in my second week I felt a dramatic change in my life.  I sleep better, I’m not so irritable.  My wife and kids have noticed a difference also.  Life without back pain is great. 

I thought there was only surgery in my future, until I called the Decompression Center. Thank you!
David Rezac
Herniated Disc and Degeneration


“I am 25 years old…”

TestimonialsI am 25 years old and in so much pain I couldn’t do anything.  I couldn’t work or drive.  I was completely dependent on other people.  It is horrible to have to ask you wife to pull up your pants for you.  My youngest son is 3 years old and I have never been able to pick him up because of the pain.
I have been on lots of pain medications and different therapies, other doctors have told me that there was nothing else that they could do for me.  I believed that surgery was my only option.

I have been receiving treatment now for a couple of weeks on the DRX 9000 and I am already walking upright.  I could not do that before.  I am finding it easier to do things on my own!
David Newman,  Beumont, CA
Herniated Disc and Degeneration

“God Is Good All the Time!”
I was paralyzed on my right side September 1998 from my lower back to my toes.  I had surgery in July 1999. My L4 and L5 discs were “removed”.  I was in a wheelchair for 9 months and I couldn’t move my lower extremities, I was too weak.  I had no strength in my back.  Yes, I had increasing pain on and off for about 1 ½ years.  I graduated from my wheelchair to a walker, thank God.  My car was stolen with my walker inside.  Maybe that was a good thing because after that I received information in the mail about the DRX 9000.

I really didn’t know what it was, or how it would or could work.  I am always a little leery of information that I receive in the mail, so I called to make an appointment for a consultation.  Dr. Don was very specific in explaining the DRX 9000 the candidates who were eligible and who aren’t.  As he was talking I thought it would be good to try it, but I wasn’t sure it would be for me because my condition was already too far gone.

I went back a second time and had butterflies in my stomach the entire time I was in the reception room and it got worse after I was called in.  Scared in a sense but God had made it happen.  As I was talking to Dr. Don I was in so much pain all the way into my legs and feet.  On a scale of 1-10 I was a 10 plus!

Well, after my use of the DRX 9000 and with the help of the Dr.’s and Asha my pain level went from a 10 to a 4.  That’s were I am now.  Mind you, not 24 hours a day through (just sometimes), but had I not received the information in the mail, I’d still be in pain 24 hours a day and depending on my walker.

The Dr.’s and staff at the Decompression Center with their positive attitudes, starting with their warm welcome as you enter the door and such laughter and comfortable feeling in the air you know you’ve come to the right place for help.
Bobbie Sears – Redlands, CA
Degenerated Disc Disease, Disc Herniation, and Post-Surgical


I am 38 years old and have always had some sort of back pain for as long as I can remember.  I have also been going to chiropractors since I was a child.  When I was around 27 I sneezed while I was bent over and something went and I was in severe pain and couldn’t really walk for about 2 weeks.  I’m guessing this is when I herniated my disc.  I don’t know- I’ve never been one to go to the doctor.

I got married, had a baby and then my pain got so severe that I couldn’t even roll over in bed, even sitting on the edge of my soft bed caused pressure on my spine and severe pain.  I could hardly lower myself onto the toilet or bend over the sink to wash my face or lift my legs to get dressed.  Standing was painful and sometimes not possible as my legs just wouldn’t work, I had severe pain in my soar muscle, sitting was painful – low back, buttocks, pain shooting down the back of my thighs and my calves.

I decided to go to my Chiropractor and have him take x-rays.   He said I have slight scoliosis and a condition called Lumbarization – where your sacrum doesn’t completely form and it becomes part of your lumbar spine.  I guess it can cause instability, weakness and thus pain.  I took the x-rays to my family Dr. – he ordered more and then referred me to a neurosurgeon who ordered an MRI.  I don’t remember what the MRI report said but I do remember the Dr. – flippant and uncaring.  He said the only thing that would work is surgery – fusing my vertebrae.  At least he said he wouldn’t recommend it yet at my age.  He gave me no exercises to do – didn’t even look at the ones I had brought, just said “if it hurts, don’t do it!”  I had already decided a long time ago NO to surgery.  So I just resigned myself to a life with limited activity and pain and decided to exercise as I could do strengthen and keep stretched.

Well, I was getting frustrated because I have a young daughter whom I can’t always carry, can’t run and play jump-rope, or skip with.  I was always in pain – I work down the hill and so the drive was killing me. I became tired of always being in pain and being crabby and grumpy from it.  So – I got on line and somehow something popped up about “do you have back pain? Fill out this form and we’ll send you free information.”  I did and that’s when I heard about my life-saving procedure – the DRX 9000.  Yes, I was skeptical – of both the procedure and the Dr.’s.  I wondered – does this really work, do they care, or are they just in it for the money?  Well, my skepticism soon faded.  They had me get an MRI – results showed a 6mm herniation at L4/L5, degenerative disc disease, facet syndrome, bone spurs.  Thankfully Dr. Don found me worthy of the DRX 9000 and I went on a 5 week course.  I believe the area they targeted was my herniation – I haven’t had another MRI but due to the way I feel I believe my disc is no longer herniated.  I have movement in my low back like I haven’t had in years and the lack of pain is unreal!  I always felt like my low back was jammed and I needed it “un-stuck” my back and with the help of Dr. Don I am working at keeping it that way.

That’s what I really appreciate – the follow – up care that is provided.  I love the Pro-Adjuster – I also have problems with my pelvis and sacrum and coinciding muscles that no one else except for Dr. Don has ever addressed.  So I finally have a reason for and understand why I have this pain and muscle spasms and Dr. Don is giving me exercises to work on this.

I finally feel empowered and strong and young again.  I would recommend the DRX 9000 and this facility to anyone.  It was a life saver for me?
Jamie Powell – Victorville, CA
Successful Business Owner & Busy Mother

“There WAS Never A Good Day”

Testimonials“Spinal Decompression has helped me tremendously.  I suffered from back pain & sciatica for 8 years from a car accident.  I was limited to do so much.  And if I pushed myself more, I was in bed the next day.  It was like my life was over.  I never knew what my day would be like when I awoke in the morning between bad or worse.  There was never a good day.

I went to chiropractors during that time but manipulation was not helping at all, just making it worse.  I learned just to deal with the pain and ice throughout the years. Suffering from pain everyday I thought I had to live with for the rest of my life.  But thanks to the DRX9000, it changed my life extremely, no more pain.  I can do more than I used to and not have to worry about pain.  I’ll be able to enjoy more quality time with my boys as well.  I still take precautions though as to what I’m doing physically in certain aspects of things. I don’t want to re-injury myself. Overall, trying to get over the fact that I’m around 98% better is an awesome feeling.
Above all I recommend the DRX9000. It’s an experience I’ll never forget.”

< align="left">Stacey Ehresmann align="left">Rialto, CA

Herniated Disc & Sciatica


“Surgery Was My Option”

Before I started treatment on the DRX9000, I was afraid to do anything.  I knew that if I was going to be on my feet for any period of time I would end up in a lot of pain.  I knew that anytime I was to be walking or any of my fundraising activities I would need pain killers, or else the low back pain and the terrible leg pain would be too much.

I started seeking care through my primary physician with Kaiser.  After a lot of appointments Kaiser finally sent me to physical therapy.  When that didn’t work, Kaiser finally ordered an MRI, never touched me and ordered pain pills for me.  My doctor told me that surgery was my option.

I have just finished treatment and have not really tried any of my old activities yet, but I am looking forward to it.

I believe that I started to notice improvement during the second week of treatment, and a little more with each passing treatment.

I love this clinic!  The whole office is wonderful!  I love everybody, they care so much.

I can’t think of anything I would change with the office.  I would like it the office was closer to home, but the drive is worth it!

I highly recommend everybody to try this office. I would do it again!

Bee Nakayama – Monterey Park, CA
Herniated Disc & Disc Degeneration

From “A Constant 12 Out Of 10 Pain
While Taking A Cocktail Of Pain Pills”…
To A “3 Mile Mountain Trail Walk,
Without Any Side Effects”

I suffered with back and leg pain for more than 5 years.  Periodically chronic pain attacks would totally immobilize me.  In 2006, my pain escalated from passive aggressive to constantly chronic.  I knew I was in a serious trouble while traveling on vacation, when my leg gave out and I fell three different times in the airport, walking to catch my flights.  And by the time I returned home from vacation I had to use a cane, to stand and walk.

My private doctor prescribed pain pills, muscle relaxers and hot and cold therapy treatments.  I even tried traditional chiropractic realignments and massage therapy; but nothing worked.  Eventually I underwent an MRI to find the source of my problem.

At least one of three discs was bulging 9 millimeters and pinching a nerve.  My MD told me to schedule surgery right away, because untreated it could burst and cause further complications.  He told me it was a 60/40 chance the surgery would help.  And it could get worse even after the surgery.  When I asked for his recommendation of a non-surgical alternative, he told me surgery is the only thing he could and would recommend for my condition.

I wanted the pain to end, but surgery is a last option for me.  I know too many people who have had surgery that didn’t cure their problem.  Fortunately, my neighbor (a nurse) gave me an article about the Decompression Center treatment, that convinced me to schedule a pre-screening exam with them; and I was accepted.

Was I skeptical?  Very.  And for a good reason…I lived with chronic pain on a scale of 0 to 10 that was a constant 12 with taking a cocktail of pain pills…  My doctor didn’t approve…And then I had to pay for the procedure out of my own pocket because my health insurance wouldn’t cover it!  Yet the procedure information, the testimonials and the success rate, sounded better than surgery to me.

On my first scheduled day of treatment, I had to be driven and carried into the treatment facility, in chronic pain.  And since it was too painful to sit or stand, I laid on the floor of the reception area until the doctor came and carried me in.  But after the fourth day of treatment, Hallelujah! I came off the pain pills accept for an occasional Advil.

Now that I have completed my treatment, my back is not in constant pain….I’m not on pain pills…I have pep in my step and glide in my stride…I can drive myself around….and I most recently did a 3 mile mountain trail walk, without any side effects.

I am now a voice to tell everybody about decompression treatment.  I thank God and Drs. Porterfield and Don for their professional and dedicated service to back pain sufferers.

Charles Moore
Claremont, CA


“The Workers Compensation Doctor
Told Me My Only Option Was Surgery”
“I was an injured worker since 2001 still working, on medication therapy and a TENS unit supplied by my own insurance.  A re-injury in 2003 made me unable to work.  The workers compensation doctor told me my only option left was surgery.  In February 2006, I came across another option – disc decompression which in less than one month the migraines and pain level dropped and functions I loss were coming back.  With this new technology discovered by NASA, I’ve since cancelled the surgery and am looking at a productive life again with normal function without heavy doses of medication or surgery.  Thank you for a new outlook on life!”
Kenneth Hartman
Hesperia, CA
Herniated Disc


“I Was Treated Like ‘Family’”

I have a very extremely curved spine.  I came to The Decompression Center out of pure desperation.  I had tried physical therapy (which helped some but did not last) also acupuncture for over two years.  This way only temporary.  I was doing exercises which were about the only relief I was able to obtain. 

I had 20 treatments at the decompression center.  I was sore for several weeks but I went to physical therapy for five treatments.  I still have minor pain but sometime I am pain free.  I contribute this to Dr. Porterfield, Dr. Don and their staff.  I really felt from the 1st treatment, that they were going to help me.  I would like very much to continue chiropractic treatment with Dr. Porterfield. 
I was treated like “family.”  Very Satisfied.  Extremely nice people.

Marjorie Slaten
Wrightwood, CA

“My wife had to pick up the slack
on everything…”
Before I came to the Decompression Center my life was miserable and depression was setting in. The pain was affecting every aspect of my life.  I was limited in doing anything.  It was very frustrating; I couldn’t even help around the house.  My wife had to pick up the slack on everything.

I had tried chiropractic and acupuncture for months, but I did not have any relief at all, not even temporarily.  I had been doing a lot of reading and research on back surgery and decided that there is no way I was going to take that route.

Then I found the Decompression Center.  My 1st impression of the doctor was how concise he was and how he took the time to review everything with me and my wife.  He educated us both!

The doctor told me that I was a candidate for their program and that he was accepting my case.  I started care and in the first week I was feeling better.  By the 3rd and 4th week of treatment, I noticed a lot of improvement!

The Decompression Center program was such a relief.  NOW… my life is back to being MY LIFE.  I can now take walks with my wife again.  I can do things around the house and I feel useful again.

Everybody at the Decompression Center is great.  They all have great attitudes, are happy and treat you with kindness and respect. I would tell anybody and everybody (and I do) to start at the Decompression Center and avoid all the other trouble.

Ted Kovach – Claremont, CA
Housing Inspector
Herniated Disc and Degenerated Disc Disease of ALL Discs in the Lumbar Spine






Active Again!

TestimonialsWhen I started having severe back pain that was greatly limiting my activities, I first went to my general practitioner. He ordered X-rays and, later, an MRI. Then  he referred me to a specialist who gave me a cortisone shot, which did not even give temporary relief. As the pain continued, I was given another one with no better result. Other than pain management through drugs, the only remaining choice was surgery, which the doctors did NOT recommend. There is statistically a low probability of success, and the strong possibility that I could end up in even more pain.

Then a friend, having seen Dr. Porterfield’s and Dr. Don’s ad, sent for the info and gave it to me. I visited Dr. Porterfield and, after examination and consultation, he recommended a course of action involving the decompression machine, the Pro Adjuster, and other treatments and aids. Since my case was so far advanced, he made it very clear that he couldn’t guarantee results. I really appreciated his candor. My life was so limited that most days were spent sitting in a chair - my active life was over! I was ready to try anything but surgery.

The treatments began, but I didn’t feel any improvement until the last decompression session. Then it started happening. Little by little, I was having less pain and was gaining more mobility. Now I’m able to walk upright and again have a normal, active life. My hobby is 4 wheeling, and I’m back enjoying that in full force. Many friends tell me they can see a huge positive change in my demeanor and outlook. They are so right!

We express our sincere thanks to Doctors Porterfield and Don, and Asha, for their very strong desire to provide healing for their patients, and their deep personal interest in each one. How wonderful to have our active lives back!

Ted and Sue Kalil
Apple Valley, CA
Suffered from Severe Degenerative Disc Disease & Scoliosis

MRI BEFORE: Discovery, 10mm Disc Herniation
MRI AFTER: Confirmed, NO Disc Herniation

I am physically more mobile and agile and one day hope to be as physically active as I used to be 10 years ago.  Thanks to the DRX 9000 treatments, I am on my way to leading a normal life again.
Lorraine Koger
Apple Valley, CA

“A Normal Life Again”

It all began with a simple back ache.  I went several times to see my primary care doctor.  After asking him over and over again he finally ordered an MRI, and then he sent me to a surgeon.  All the surgeon did was recommend surgery.  My daughter in law works in a hospital and has seen some of the problems people have after surgery and didn’t want me to have surgery.  My pain was getting worse and worse everyday.  I was looking for anyway to get rid of the pain. I couldn’t do anything. I wasn’t doing anything.  I couldn’t even cook for my husband.
I was on the DRX 9000 for five weeks. For me, it didn’t seem to help at first, I was still having a lot of pain, then there were good days and bad days, then all of a sudden there were really good days.

My husband now gets home cooked meals and I get to get out of the house more and take walks.  I couldn’t do anything because of the pain. I have a normal life again.
TRY IT!! You have nothing to lose!  The office is beautiful and is filled with wonderful, happy people, I just loved being there.
Shiree Cox – House Wife
Degenerative Disc Degeneration & Herniated Disc

“Fighting To Get Out Of Bed”

The DRX 9000 does not just fix or repair your back, it gives you back a high quality of lifeI don’t have to fight to get up in the morning to get going.  Having three herniated discs, the DRX 9000 has given me a new lease on life and has freed me from pain and pain pills and possible surgery.  The machine works for real.  The decompression center has wonderful people helping individuals like me. They sincerely want you to feel great again.
Wayne Smith – Alta Loma, CA
Successful Business Owner

“I Am Only 26”

This past April 2008, I came into FFC Pain Relief & Wellness Center with my pain level at 10, my hopes real down since I am only 26 and with this amount of pain and barely able to walk in to the office with the help of my parents.  I was able to qualify for the DRX9000 and avoid surgery. 

For the next 6 weeks of treatment, 4 times a week for 30 minutes this machine brought me relief and gradually after 6 weeks my pain level went from a 10 to a 2.  I am thankful and believe for a 0 pain level as I continue to heal.  I don’t know how to put into words how much I appreciate everyone at FFC Pain Relief & Wellness Center, from Dr. Porterfield to Dr. Don, if it wasn’t for them to take me into their office and help me through one of the most painful moments I have ever experienced.  And Asha, who every morning helped me by being so kind, friendly and making me laugh even though I was going  through a lot of pain, she tried to make my morning better by doing so and succeeded. 

I would definitely recommend the DRX9000 and the FFC Pain Relief & Wellness Center for anyone who has back pain that won’t subside.

Rodolfo Padilla Jr. – Loma Linda, CA
Suffered from Multiple Disc Herniations

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